Monday, July 18, 2011

Pretty in Pink

“Pink is a seasonless color for me. Are the cheeks of angels appealing only in the summer? Adding cerise pillows and accessories to a beige room or coral lamps to a gray space creates instant dazzle. And lamp shades lined in pink will make everyone in proximity look like they’ve just returned from the best vacation ever.” —Jamie Drake

I have a current obsession for all things the color pink.  As much as I would love to decorate every room in the house with this bright, fresh color, my husband is not quite so keen as I am.  I guess I will just have to live vicariously through these photos from House Beautiful and Country Living:

And these from ElleDecor:


  1. How beautiful. What a lovely collection of pinkspiration.

  2. Fantastic collection of pink delights! You have a lovely blog. Nice to find you ;)

  3. I too would LOVE to cover my house in PINK! Unfortunately I have the same problem...Tod would not be very happy with me :) However, a little pink to look at makes me smile and puts me in a better mood!


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